Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Don't Sweat the Small Stuff!

Jamaica!! It was wonderful!! We loved every minute of it. A lot of giggles, belly laughs, deep conversation, naps on the beach, shopping, zip lining, eves dropping, (but it really isnt eves dropping if the people talking are not trying to not be heard, is it? Very entertaining beach drama!) restaurant hopping (two dinners one night!) stair climbing,  dessert eating.... I guess I could go on and on! Yes, I had dessert. Several desserts. Nutrition is so important but so is feeding your soul! (as  one book I read put it!) I fed my soul in Jamaica. A lot. But now Im back on track, and feel very satisfied once again with my broccoli, spinach, and brown rice. :)
Its been quite a year, and it is amazing to me to think of all the good that happened amongst the bad. I do believe I am happier now that I ever have been.  Not that I wasn't happy before, I was!  But I did have my moments of frustrations, times that I thought were so devastating, like the numerous times we would be negotiating on a bigger house and at the last minute Scott would decide we shouldn't go through with it, for whatever reason. Yep, I pouted, cried, gave the silent treatment. Oh my word, and he still loves me! Its so amazing how much I now am so content with our little home. Plus, we have all the money we aren't spending on a huge mortgage to spend on vacations!
Another thing that I have noticed is how much my friends mean to me. I've always loved my friends but now I cherish them. I value every time we are together. It used to feel awkward to say "I love you". I wonder if that was a pride thing? I dont know why that was something that I rarely said, but I do know that now sometimes I can't KEEP from saying it! How wonderful is that!
I find that I have so much fun with my patients at work. Even the ones that are difficult. The other day I was working on a guy that really is rude, obnoxious and just downright nasty. I was the lucky one that day to work on him. But to my utter amazement, he didnt bother me! Wow! I chatted with him, and soon, he actually started holding a real conversation with me! I thought about that a lot since and realized that before I would have just pretty much ignored the poor man. But this time, in chatting with him, I gave him the chance to show me that he does have a vulnurable side. It ended up being a nice visit, and another lesson learned.
You know that book that was popular a few years ago titled "Don't Sweat the Small Stuff"? Well, I went through the "Dont Sweat the Small Stuff" for Dummies. I lived it this past year. Some of the things that I thought were so important I now realize don't mean a thing! All that matters is loving others and living right before God. Anything else that we get to enjoy is just a bonus. If we are fortunate enough to have some natural blessings in this life that is wonderful! And Im seeing now that I have a lot of that! I love my job, how great it is to go to work everyday with friends!!! I have a cute little house that  I love to decorate. Hobo the dog makes me laugh so much, especially when he gives me those looks like he thinks Im just an idiot! The littlest things now bring joy to me. Spring has always been my favorite season, but this year the flowers are brighter, the leaves on the trees seem miraculous, the sound of motorcycles make me smile and think of my brother, the neighbors radio blasting just make me happy I'm here to hear it, and the air is sweeter.
And now I'm thankful for another day that has ended and looking forward to another beautiful day tomorrow!

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  1. Ah, my dear cousin - glad you and Jackie had such a good time this weekend . . . . LOVE YOU TOO!